Medical Conditions


Acne is a very common and sometimes frustrating medical condition where the pores of the skin become blocked. These blockages manifest as blackheads, whiteheads or cysts. Acne is typically triggered from a hormonal response and worsens when combined with surface bacteria, stress or diet.

Our team of aesthetic experts will evaluate your skin and recommend a combination of treatments that’s right for your type of acne. The best part is that you will see results quickly after only a few treatments and most will require little to no downtime. Learn more about our acne treatments below.


Rosacea is a chronic but treatable condition that typically begins as flushing or redness on the cheeks, nose, chin or forehead. It is characterized by periods of flare ups and remissions, however over time this redness may not go away. Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition caused by the dilation of blood vessels.

At MedSkincare Laser Centre we have FDA-approved laser treatments to help reduce the appearance of persistent skin redness, skin inflammation, visibility of small blood vessels, dry skin and many more. Learn more about our Rosacea treatment and Book Your Consultation today to get a free skincare evaluation before you begin your treatment.


Scarring is the result of the body’s natural healing process. Although completely normal, it can be unpleasant and a source of insecurity in many of our patients. There are several types of scars such as keloids (tough, raised, often purple in colour that spreads further than the original injured area), acne scars (caused by hormonal changes or inflammation), and soft scars (range from deep pits, angular and wavelength appearances).

We use the most advanced Laser Skin Resurfacing technology and PRP & Microneedling techniques to help minimize the appearance of various scars so you can get back your confidence. Learn more about our scar treatments below.


Cellulite can be triggered by genetics, age, and lifestyle. Located in the subcutaneous tissue, cellulite is hormone-driven, making it less likely to respond to diet or exercise. When fatty tissue pushes its way against the skin, it creates an uneven surface or dimpling effect. But don’t worry, you’re not alone, this condition affects 90 percent of women!

As women age, skin elasticity decreases, and fat cells accumulate giving the appearance of cellulite. With a combination of our state-of-the-art Radiofrequency Microneedling treatments and non-invasive SculpSure Body Contouring treatment, we can work towards reducing the visible appearance of cellulite and permanently reduce stubborn fat. Learn more about our cellulite treatment options below and be sure to Book Your Consultation with MedSkincare today!

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are the indented streaks that can appear on your abdomen, breasts, hips and other places on the body. Typically stretch marks occur when your body undergoes changes in weight like in the last trimester of pregnancy. But they don’t have to stay forever.

At MedSkincare we offer non-invasive, safe and FDA approved laser treatments or Radiofrequency Microneedling which both stimulate collagen production in your body to heal the scarring. In three to five treatments on average our patients see incredible results and there is no downtime required. Learn more about our treatment options below.

Facial Volume Loss

Volume loss is caused by a lack of support in the face when our fat layers, collagen and elastin tissues decrease naturally. Volume loss not only causes sagging appearance but also gives skin a drier, thinner, less firm and vibrant appearance.

Our aesthetics experts recommend our patients use our medical grade skincare line Alumiers and SkinCeuticals along with various injectable treatments. These help by increasing collagen production, hydrating your skin and give you back your natural vibrant appearance. Book Your Consultation today and learn more about our treatments below.

Postpartum &
Women’s Wellness

Hormonal changes postpartum can lead to many conditions such as hair loss, skin laxity, pigmentation, and melasma. We understand these changes can take a toll on the physical and mental well-being of our patients. That’s why we want to help you in your postpartum journey and make it easier to get back to feeling like yourself again.

Dr. Tahir and our team of aesthetic experts can provide you with an individualized treatment plan with various treatments such as PRP Hair Restoration, our Vitalia Laser for Vaginal Rejuvenation, TempSure and FlexSure for Skin Tightening, and ICON Laser for pigmentation. Learn more about our postpartum and women’s wellness treatments below and Book Your Consultation today!

Hair Loss/Thinning

We take the treatment of hair loss and thinning very seriously when it comes to our patients. Not only because it can be a sign of an underlying medical condition, but it can really impact your self-confidence and lifestyle when left untreated. Some of the potential causes we look at are lifestyle factors, not getting enough vitamins or minerals in your diet, experiencing chronic stress or other hormonal factors such as hair thinning after pregnancy.

If you are noticing that you are losing more than 50-100 hairs per day or notice the appearance of sparser spots of hair on your head then Book Your Consultation today to learn more about our treatment options. You shouldn’t have to worry about hair loss and thinning when it can be easily reversible with our treatment options. Learn more about our treatments below.

Low Libido

There can be many reasons for experiencing low libido in both men and women which can include; medical issues, emotional or psychological problems, hormonal problems and even daily stress. But don’t worry, we are here to help you identify the root cause to make sure you’re getting the right treatment.

Some of our patients find that it can be as simple as a vitamin deficiency for which we recommend Vitamin Drips as a treatment option. Others find that it may require a variety of lifestyle changes. Make sure to Book Your Consultation today with our physician Dr. Tahir to explore your treatment options and get back to feeling like yourself again.

Fat Reduction

At MedSkincare we believe that all body types are beautiful, but we also understand that our patients may feel a lack of confidence when they have tried exercise and diets to reach their ideal shape, and nothing seems to be working. That’s why we love having the opportunity to treat our patients with the latest technology in body contouring that gets rid of stubborn body fat.

The best part is that the treatments are safe, effective and take only 25 minutes to complete, so why not get rid of those trouble spots once and for all! Learn more about our fat reduction treatments below and check out the amazing before and after gallery to see some of our amazing results.

Wrinkles & Skin Laxity

When it comes to the aging process there are several reasons why some may seem to age more quickly than others. Some of these have to do with genetics, while other lifestyle habits such as smoking, diet and sun exposure can contribute to how fast we age. But when we see celebrities looking youthful and wrinkle-free into their 50s this is due to the amazing advancement in aesthetic treatments for aging.

There are several types of treatments we offer at MedSkincare such as ICON Laser Skin Resurfacing, TempSure Envi Skin Tightening, PRP & Microneedling, or Botox/Dysport and Dermal Fillers. When you Book Your Consultation, we will recommend the right combination of treatments for your skin type to get you the best results. You deserve to see that youthful glow in your skin once again. Learn more about our aesthetic treatments below.

Enlarged Pores

If you are noticing your pores getting bigger over time, this can be caused by a few things: acne, increased sebum production causing oily skin, sun damage and the wrong choice in skincare products and makeup. Exfoliation is a way to reduce the size of your pores over time and treat conditions such as acne and scarring which can make pores appear even larger over time.

Our aesthetic experts recommend treatments that focus on exfoliating the top layers of your skin and boost the collagen production in your body so your skin texture naturally heals itself over time. By regenerating your skin with a combination of these treatments we are removing oil, dirt, and dead skin deep inside your pores to make them look smaller. When you Book Your Consultation, our aesthetic experts will evaluate your skin and make the best recommendation for your enlarged pores.

Cheek & Lip Enhancement

Do you feel like your face looks more stressed and tired than you really are? Some of our patients no longer feel like themselves when they look in the mirror. This can be cause by stress, aging and even weight loss which can all make you appear older than your actual age. Fillers help to replace the volume in your face and can fix the proportions of your face to give you a more symmetrical shape.

Lip augmentation is also done by injecting dermal fillers into the lip area and gives you noticeable results right away. Other treatments such as Botox/Dysport can be used in combination with Dermal Fillers to relax the muscles in areas of the face and give you a more youthful glow. Learn more about these treatments below and Book Your Consultation today!

Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating, is a condition that is generally harmless but needs to be evaluated by a medical professional to rule out other health conditions that may cause this such as thyroid problems or diabetes. Usually, this condition referred to as primal focal hyperhidrosis stems from a minor malfunction of the nervous system which causes localizes sweating in specific parts of the body such as underarms, head, face, hands, or feet. For some of our patients this can significantly affect their confidence and quality of life.

Whether you’re feeling embarrassed or simply inconvenienced by this condition, we recommend Botox treatments. They have been proven to reduce underarm sweating by 82%-87% and the effects can last anywhere between 4-14 months. Our patients find relief in this FDA approved treatment, and they can regain their confidence. Learn more about our Botox treatments below and be sure to Book Your Consultation today to make sure this is the right treatment for your excessive sweating.

Fatigue/ Brain Fog

Brain fog and fatigue can seriously affect our daily lives. Whether you’re at home or in the workplace everyone feels the need for mental clarity and focus in their day to day lives. Some people even have memory problems due to this condition which can impact your career, family life, or social life. We understand that when our patients are feeling sluggish and fuzzy constantly, they’re looking for an easy solution to get back on track.

If you are not suffering from other health conditions and experiencing brain fog Vitamin Drips are the perfect solution for helping you feel more energized. Vitamins are administered by IV directly into the bloodstream, giving your cells the energy, they need. Our patients find this treatment very relaxing as it can be done quickly during your lunch hour while you relax in a comfortable medical spa environment. Learn more about our Vitamin Drip treatments below and Book Your Consultation today to learn if this is the right treatment for your fatigue and brain fog.


We understand how debilitating chronic migraines can be. When you’ve tried everything to find relief, but nothing seems to work, from medications to home remedies, Botox for migraines may be the best treatment for you.

So how does Botox help with migraines? Well, we know that patients experiencing chronic migraines have sensory nerves that become inflamed and hypersensitive This inflammation is caused by different molecules that may be released by the sensory nerves. Botox blocks this, and this gives a “calming” effect on the pain. It may also benefit patients who may be experiencing migraines due to muscle contractions.

If you are suffering from chronic migraines, Dr. Tahir and our team of aesthetic experts are here to help you find relief. Learn more about our Botox for migraine treatments below and Book Your Consultation today!

Dark Eye Circles

If you are finding that you’re always looking tired even though you’ve gotten a full night’s sleep, you may find that it’s more than sleep deprivation. There are many conditions that can cause dark under eye circles such as: aging, eye strain and most likely, genetics. Dark eye circles become noticeable as you age because our skin loses fat and collagen which can make the area under the eye appear hollower and more sunken. The skin under your eye is also very thin, so the blood vessels under the skin become more and more visible causing the eye circles to appear darker.

Dr. Tahir and our team of aesthetic experts treat this condition with a quick non-surgical and non-invasive FDA approved Dermal Filler procedure. Learn more about our Dermal Filler treatments below and Book Your Consultation today with our expert aesthetics team and make sure you’re getting the right treatment plan for your dark eye circles.



If you have more questions about our treatments our aesthetic MedSkincare experts are to help. Give us a call or send us an email and we can help you!