How Much Does SculpSure Cost?

For body contouring without the need for surgery or long recovery times, laser technology is a terrific option for many individuals. By eliminating stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise, you can achieve the contoured and toned appearance you desire. At MedSkincare Laser Centre, SculpSure is an effective treatment and the SculpSure cost makes it appealing to many clients.

What is SculpSure?

SculpSure is primarily used for body sculpting and permanently eliminating stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. It’s designed to help individuals achieve a more contoured and toned appearance in specific areas of the body.

SculpSure is the world’s first FDA-approved and FDA-cleared laser device for non-invasive lipolysis of the abdomen, flanks, back, inner and outer thighs and submental area. It safely and effectively eliminates unwanted fat in 25 minutes per treatment.

How Does Body Contouring Work?

SculpSure employs cutting-edge laser technology with a 1060nm wavelength to effectively target and heat fat cells in specific treatment areas within a quick 25-minute session. By precisely targeting fat cells, this process disrupts their structure and triggers gradual elimination by the body’s natural processes. 

Over the course of approximately 6 weeks following treatment, the treated fat cells are naturally removed, resulting in a more sculpted and slimmer appearance. Optimal results are typically visible within 12 weeks of the procedure. Another perk of SculpSure is it is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment, eliminating the need for incisions or downtime. 

How Much Does SculpSure Cost?

The price of SculpSure treatment  depends on several factors like the specific treatment area(s), the number of sessions needed for desired results and the geographic location of the treatment facility. 

Many individuals choose SculpSure as a cost-effective treatment because it is less expensive than surgical alternatives like liposuction. Plus, SculpSure is non-invasive, so it does not entail a recovery period. Although multiple sessions may be necessary, patients typically encounter minimal downtime and can promptly resume their daily routines following each treatment session.

Here are a few ways SculpSure compares to other treatments in terms of cost and appeal:

SculpSure Cost

The cost of SculpSure typically ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per treatment session, depending on factors mentioned earlier. Multiple sessions may be required for optimal results.


CoolSculpting is another non-invasive body contouring treatment that freezes and eliminates fat cells. It can also have a similar price range as SculpSure.


Liposuction is a surgical procedure for fat removal. It is generally more expensive than non-invasive treatments like SculpSure due to the surgical facility, anesthesia and recovery costs.

Cost Appeal

The appeal of SculpSure cost often lies in its non-invasive nature and lower associated expenses compared to surgical options like liposuction. While it may require multiple sessions, individuals usually experience minimal to no downtime and can return to their daily activities immediately after treatment.

Ultimately, the choice between body contouring treatments should not be solely based on cost but also on individual preferences, goals and your consultation with a qualified healthcare provider like MedSkincare Laser Centre. Some people may prefer the convenience and minimal downtime of non-invasive treatments like SculpSure, while others may opt for surgical procedures for more dramatic results. 

Target Areas for This Procedure

SculpSure uses laser technology to heat and permanently destroy fat cells in the targeted areas without the need for surgery or incisions. It is a relatively quick and comfortable procedure that typically lasts less than 30 minutes per treatment session. 

Multiple sessions may be required for optimal results and sessions are spaced a few weeks apart. 

Here’s how it works in different target areas:


For abdominal fat reduction, the SculpSure applicators are placed strategically on the abdomen. The laser energy is delivered to heat and damage the fat cells in this area. Over time, the body’s lymphatic system naturally eliminates the damaged fat cells, resulting in a slimmer waistline.

Flanks (Love Handles)

SculpSure can effectively treat love handles or flank fat. Applicators are positioned on both sides of the flanks to address this specific area. The laser energy heats and disrupts the fat cells, gradually leading to a more contoured appearance in the waist and hip region.


For thigh sculpting, the applicators are placed on the inner or outer thighs as needed. The laser energy targets fat cells in these areas, helping to reduce thigh circumference and create a more toned appearance.


SculpSure can also be used on the back, targeting areas like the upper back or lower back bulges. The laser treatment heats the fat cells in these regions, resulting in a smoother and more sculpted back profile.

Chin (Submental Fat)

In some cases, SculpSure can be used to address submental fat, commonly referred to as a “double chin.” Applicators are positioned under the chin to heat and reduce fat in this area, improving the jawline’s contour.


What Factors Influence the Cost of SculpSure Treatments?

The pricing for SculpSure treatments can vary depending on a range of factors. These factors may include the number of treatment areas targeted, the quantity of applicators utilized during the procedure, the total number of sessions needed to achieve desired results and the location of the treatment center. Providers may offer discounts on pre-booking or package deals. 

Is SculpSure Cost Covered by Insurance?

SculpSure is considered a cosmetic procedure, so it is typically not covered by health insurance plans. This is considered an “out-of-pocket” expense, so we encourage patients to be prepared to cover the cost of SculpSure themselves.

Are There Financing Options Available for SculpSure?

MedSkincare is pleased to offer financing options to make the treatment more affordable for our patients. This is something you can discuss with your consultant. 

How Can I Find an Affordable and Reputable SculpSure Provider?

To find an affordable and reputable SculpSure provider, start by researching providers in your area. Look for certified and experienced professionals who specialize in non-invasive body contouring treatments. Read reviews and check before-and-after photos to assess the quality of their work. You can also inquire about pricing and financing options during your consultation to ensure the treatment fits your budget.

How Long Do SculpSure Results Last?

The fat cells treated with SculpSure are effectively eliminated and do not regenerate, ensuring long-lasting results. It is important to note that SculpSure is not designed as a weight loss program or a substitute for a balanced diet. Instead, it is most suitable for individuals who already lead a healthy lifestyle but struggle with persistent areas of fat. By maintaining a stable weight and continuing to follow a healthy lifestyle, individuals can typically sustain the results achieved through SculpSure treatments.

What To Expect During The Treatment?

At the beginning of the treatment, you will experience a cooling sensation, which is designed to ensure your skin remains comfortable throughout the session. This cooling effect persists throughout the entire treatment, while the laser alternates between on and off cycles to elevate the temperature of the fat cells. Many patients report feeling a warm or tingling sensation at intervals during the procedure, which is typically well-tolerated.

Do You Lose Inches With A SculpSure Treatment?

SculpSure typically consists of 2 to 3 treatment sessions, each targeting progressively deeper layers of fat tissue. During each session, which lasts just 25 minutes, approximately 24% of fat cells are permanently destroyed. While individual results may vary, it is generally anticipated that undergoing 2 treatments can lead to a reduction of up to an inch in the treated area.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

Every patient is different. Most people see the best results when they receive a series of treatments. Ask your SculpSure provider about the treatment plan that is right for you.

Is SculpSure Right For Me?

SculpSure treatments are ideal for people with trouble spots, particularly those that seem resistant to diet and exercise.

How Much Fat Will SculpSure Eliminate?

While every client is different, studies have shown up to 24% of fat cells per session can be destroyed in the treated area.

When Can I Start Seeing Results?

Patients may begin to notice results as soon as 6 weeks post-treatment, as the body starts to naturally eliminate the destroyed fat cells. However, optimal results are typically observed around the 12-week mark.

Why Choose MedSkincare Laser Centre for SculpSure

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